Top Content Marketing Trends of 2024 for Driving Results

Content Marketing Trends of 2024 That Will Drive Results

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What is common between food delivery app notifications, lifestyle podcasts, addictive Instagram reels, angry resignation emails sitting in your drafts, and LinkedIn posts from your favourite finfluencers? It is purpose-driven content targeted towards a specific audience created to generate desired results. 

When content is used to drive leads and traffic, generate sales and revenue, or promote a product or service, it is known as content marketing. Presently, B2C marketers are earmarking 26% of their marketing budget for content marketing, while the most successful ones are allotting about 40%. It is safe to say that content marketing will continue to take over in the coming years. Now is the time to check out the hottest content marketing trends in 2024 and take your pick.

Five Content Marketing Tools that'll continue to rise in 2024:

There are several forms of content marketing trends available to content marketers. This article will focus on the top five.

Video Marketing:
Videos can easily and quickly engage even the toughest audiences. Hubspot’s research reveals that 54% of consumers want to see videos from their preferred brands. Another source states that articles that have a video get three times more inbound links than those with plain text. Hence, the craze for video marketing will only increase. The content format allows brands to venture into multilingual content and approach global customers. According to a 2023 Wyzowl report, 92% have claimed that video marketing offers good ROI. 

The podcast ecosystem has witnessed a surge in the last couple of years and is likely to become an important content marketing trend in 2024. To quote numbers, a report says that in 2019, podcast ads were only 15% of all digital audio. The number will reach 34.2% by 2024. Podcasts allow you to speak to your audiences on an informal level and share personal anecdotes. Not to forget, they have a super convenient content format for consumption, and listeners can hear them while shopping, on a run, driving, or just lying around. The new-age content formatting offers a new opportunity for brands to reposition themselves, build brand awareness and create product demand. In the past, 55% of podcast listeners have bought a product advertised on a podcast. 

Case Studies:
Case studies are an excellent way to show potential customers that you are an expert in what you do and how others in similar situations have benefitted from your products or services. It enables you to establish authority by demonstrating your problem-solving abilities in a real-life scenario. Case studies are ideal for high-cost products and services, such as ERP solutions, and reduce apprehensions. Just like blogs, case studies have long formats, therefore enabling you to place keywords effectively. 

Email Marketing:
Email marketing is an old trick in the 21st-century digital marketing book. It is a staple technique to reach a highly targeted audience. From connecting with new customers to creating brand awareness and staying in touch with existing patrons, email marketing can be a one-stop content marketing solution for brands. In 2021, Statista estimated that email marketing revenue will climb up to 11 billion USD by the end of 2023. The numbers are only expected to increase in 2024.

Digital blogs and articles are not a modern content marketing tool. However, they are important and indispensable. Typically, blogs are long-form content divided into multiple sections and give an in-depth peek into a topic or subject. Not only do blogs compound over time, but they also open networking opportunities and communicate with potential customers. There are different kinds of blogs. The most popular ones are how-to articles and blogs with numbers and ‘?’ in the titles. Did you know that 77% of people regularly read blogs? You might just find your most loyal customers through long-form content!

Why will blogging continue to be a significant part of content marketing in 2024?

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With the rise of podcasts, video marketing, email marketing, Q&As, podcasts and webinars, will blogs still be relevant? The answer is yes. 90% of content marketers are leveraging websites and blogs significantly in their content strategy.

First, let’s talk about money! Every dime spent on marketing and advertising is expected to bring 10X returns. Blogging is 60% less expensive than traditional forms of marketing. Additionally, businesses with blogs acquire 97% more backlinks, leading to a better ranking on Google. Finally, top-ranking pages attract more traffic. Therefore, you can get more results at a lower cost. 

Now, let’s talk about convenience. Every other form of new-age marketing tool has its shortcomings. Paid ads are expensive, and you have to pay upfront to drive traffic, which will disappear once you stop paying. Email marketing is great, but it only reaches those who have signed your mailing list. Customers do not search for businesses on YouTube. Social media is an attractive platform to promote your company, but organic social media visibility is a hard nut to crack. Additionally, those who have not heard about your site will not magically appear there. 

Most people still resort to search engines to look for information or a solution to their problems. Thanks to SEO-optimised blogs and articles, the right target audience will find you, surge online traffic, and make your website stay visible for years. Blogs also allow you to repurpose content, find new content ideas, and build authority and reliability. 

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