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In a world driven by ideas, knowledge, and technology, we are your one-stop content provider. From ideating, strategising, and creating content to promoting it across digital platforms, we take a 360-degree approach of content marketing for you. And as we do it, we adopt a “Teach, don’t sell” approach that strikes the right chord with your audience. Result – benefited customers, effective marketing. 

Got an idea to share? Come, let’s meet. See for yourself if we can weave words to your benefit.

There are three rules for writing... Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.

At Dimensions, we are constantly discovering and rediscovering the various dimensions of writing. We are no Shakespeare or Hemmingway. But our immense love for writing has rewarded us greatly and we have been able to make a career out of it.

From our experience, we have realised there is a difference between writing and content writing. It is our constant endeavour to balance creativity with the needs of your business. This has been possible only because our team is made up of writers who come from varying academic backgrounds. Apart from raising Dimensions as a team, each one of us is also carving a niche of our own in the field of writing for we believe – the more colourful and unrestrained the dreams are the richer is the content!

Our Core Content Writing Team

Dipanwita Gupta

Founder & Business Head

A risk-taker at heart, Dipanwita has come a long way from being a researcher to a web content evangelist. In her 12+ years of experience as a communication professional, she has donned many hats. It was after completing her MBA that she got bitten by the entrepreneurship bug. Finally in 2018, she founded Dimensions. Currently, she is living her dream of running a firm with a terrific team that is passionate about content writing.

Sayoni Mukherjee

Human Resource Executive

As a student of psychology, Sayoni offers a unique value proposition to Dimensions Content. She works as the Human Resource Executive here at Dimensions. She has the "eye" to identify potential candidates whose objectives align with the mission and vision of our organisation. When she is not working, you will find Sayoni engaged in uplifting the lives of downtrodden people in West Bengal.

Akshit Bajaj

Akshit Bajaj

Geo-Political Analyst, Writer

Akshit is a specialist in economic and political affairs, though that is not his only interest. He has been working in content writing for several years, and holds a keen interest in a wide variety of fields such as history, culture and social science. In his work, he strives to combine a detailed knowledge of current affairs with an analytical approach based on first principles. He loves languages and has working knowledge of French, Dutch and Russian. He is currently working on broadening his skillbase into new fields.

Nini Prasad

Nini Prasad

Content Creator & Planner

Meet Nini, a content writer based in Kolkata who loves to explore the world through hiking and travelling. She completed her undergraduate degree in Bsc in Media Science from NSHM Knowledge Campus and has been in the content industry for the past two years. With her creativity and dedication, Nini creates engaging and informative content that resonates with her audience. When she's not busy writing, you can find her on a new adventure, discovering hidden gems and experiencing new cultures.

Jay Singha Thakur

Image & Video Annotator

Jay works as the copywriter and data annotator at our agency. He is known for his friendliness and desire to stick to instructions provided. On a personal level, Jay is fiercely independent and does not rely on anyone to live and manage his life. His objective way of looking at life makes him a great data annotator - because objectivity is one of the prerequisites of good data annotation. He is further sharpening his skills by learning the fundamentals of programing.

Shreejita Roy

Content & SMM Consultant

Shreejita is an ambitious content specialist. She completed her Masters in Marketing which empowers her to leverage proven marketing theories to optimise her content marketing strategies. Her infectious positivity gives the entire organisation a positive vibe. Her commitment to the field of marketing makes her stand out from the crowd.

Pikolina Das

Technical Content Writing Strategist

I am Pikolina, a seasoned software engineer and a technical content writer. Fueled by a passion for technology and a keen eye for detail, I have transitioned into the world of content writing. With 5+ years of experience in content writing, I like to combine my expertise in technology with my love for writing and curate reader-friendly content for the target audience.

Khushboo Pandey


Some people can say a lot using just a few words. Khushboo is one of them. She is the copywriting expert at Dimensions. With a Master's Degree focused on Mass Communication/Media Studies, Khushboo knows the ins and outs of what kind of content works, what kind of content touches the human heart and above all, how to write content that generates maximum revenue. She has an industry experience of 9 years.

Debadrita Sengupta

Debadrita Sengupta

Lifestyle Content Specialist

Pooh is a bright young undergrad pursuing B.Sc Geology in Banaras Hindu University. She brings in fresh perspective and a reality check for the youth. She is a budding Fashion & Lifestyle blogger and has a fashion blog of her own. Debadrita loves to read and sing and can make you mind-travel to different places with her enchanting travel writings.

Anuj Singh

Anuj Singh

Financial Content Specialist

Need to push your limits. Anuj is your go-to guy. Working as a writer runs a business, and trading stocks are what make up his schedule. He used to work as a derivatives analyst before starting his freelance journey with us. He understands the ins and outs of the financial markets and is well-versed in several other fields. He runs his wands over complex topics to simplify them.

Marifur Rahaman

Content & SEO Strategist

Marif is that cap that can fit any bottle. He has written content on so many different genres. In a world full of noise, Marif is passionate about minimalism – giving the readers exactly what they want to read. Currently, he is learning the technical aspects of SEO so that he can further expand his wings in the industry. He can write in English and Bengali.

Along with our core team, we have a large pool of talented contractual content writers who significantly contribute to the success of our projects. 

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Content Writing

Unique Content
Every Time

26 alphabets. A handful of topics. Zillion information sources. Endless ideas. We accept the challenge and write a new piece of content every time.

Content marketing

Huge ROI

Content is an investment. We make sure that you can reuse our content for months to come. So, you get a great return on this investment.

Content Witing Agency


To write well, a person must observe life closely. Our writers do exactly that. And that makes our content stand out - the reader-engagement never dwindles.

Business Writing


As content writers, we have two entities to please- the audience and the search engine. For the latter, our content writers are equipped with good SEO skillsets.

Digital Marketing

Alignment with Your
Brand Persona

We listen to what you say- as many times as you have a new thing to share. In the process, we align our writing style with your brand’s persona.

SEO Writers

Writers- The More
The Merrier

Having a writers’ pool helps us to handle assignments of any volume. Also, with a varied background, your specific needs are met.

Content Writers


We know why it’s called “deadline.” So, every time we accept an assignment we make sure we deliver on or before the deadline without any hiccup.

Freelance Content Writers

Understanding of the
Payment Cycle

A healthy client-agency relationship is key to growth. Once we have signed on the dotted line, we know we’re there for each other.


A Physical

Yes, we have a lean business model and we mostly hustle virtually but we have a physical location too. You can meet us any day you want at our Kolkata office.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Brief Description About Dimensions Content Writing Services

Dimensions Content Writing Services is a 5-year young content creation agency. We provide 360 degree content creation service offerings to organisations across a number of industries. The bulk of our content creation work revolves around SaaS topics, technology, EdTech, Iron and Steel industry, current affairs etc. What makes us different is the fact that, we deal specifically with the content part and SEO, and nothing else. This unwavering focus on the two core domains makes us more competent than other agencies that focus on any and every digital marketing service under the sun.

What is the strength of our content writing agency?

A competent leadership powered by a dynamic workforce is the core strength of Dimensions Content Writing Services. Dipanwita Gupta, the founder and Content Head, is an MBA who brings to the table a decade of copywriting expertise. Along with that, we have a skilful team of in-house writers specialising in their respective domains.

How do we conduct a quality check on our content?

We ensure two kinds of quality check – 1. Grammar & Readability and 2. Plagiarism & AI check. We employ Grammary premium and CopyLeaks premium to check for Grammar and readability errors and plagiarism issues respectively. Along with that, we don’t tolerate AI generated content and strictly forbid our writers from using any AI content generation tools. This makes our content more human, more sincere and more relatable.

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