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Product Review : The Art of Mixing Honesty With Promotional Content

Product review is a touchy topic. Many brands are accused of paying for favourable product reviews. So there is a trust deficit when it comes to product reviews. This is why you might need the help of a content writing expert if you want to come up with product reviews for your own product.

Honesty Is The Keyword

Just because you want to write product reviews for your own products, the reviews should present all the pros and no cons – this is not the correct approach. Ofcourse you would want the reviews to be slanted towards the merits of the product. But making the product reviews overtly favourable will incite suspicion among the readers and potential buyers. That’s why every creative content writer will advise you to put 3 or 4 stars in your review instead of putting all the 5 stars.

Product Review Is More About ‘What’ And Less About ‘How’

There is a fine line between Product Review and Product Description. In a product review you show people the features, merits and demerits of the products. In short, you show them what it can do and what it can’t. You tell them if the product is able to satisfy the needs of an average buyer. Our Amazon content writers can help you in writing a well researched product review of your product that.

Look at this review of a smartphone below. The reviewer never talks about how the phone does what it does. He talks about what he found good and what he found not so good.

Product Review OnePlus

The great thing about this kind of writing style is, the review won’t sound as if it is promotional in nature.

A Reviewer Uses The Product On Behalf Of The Buyers

People read product reviews to know if the people who have already bought the products are happy with it or not. The review is the only barrier between you and the potential buyers. So it is necessary that the readers of the reviews get good vibes from them. The reviews should not be too pushy. And ofcourse, they should not be too harsh on the product too.

Look at this product review of a microphone that we found on Amazon.

Product Review Mic

Note that the review has been written by the manufacturer himself. The review is not too pushy. It honestly tells you what cons you can expect from the product. This honesty will go a long way in building trust with the buyers. Anybody who buys the product will find it exactly as it has been described. There will be no rude surprise. This is all easier said than done. You might want to save time by taking the help of a web content writer in writing a balanced, informative product review.

Write The Reviews In A Way That Everybody Finds It Useful

A product has many uses. For example, some people buy smartphones to take pictures on the go. Some buy it primarily to play games on it. The product review should help each and every buyer persona that is relevant to your product. If your product review only talks about the smartphone camera and focuses little on RAM or processor, then that review won’t be useful to a potential buyer who is looking for a phone to play games on.

Avoid Marketing Words

Words like ‘value for money,’ ‘best,’ ‘Go for it’ etc have gained a bad reputation for being overused by the marketers. Don’t use these marketing words to make your reviews look genuine. Imagine how an average customer would write a review after using your product. And then use your imagination to incorporate normal day to day words to create your review. Marketing without using marketing words – this can be tricky. A content writing agency can help you in this regard.

Sandwich The Cons With Pros At Top And At The Bottom

Yes, we said that you have to remain honest while writing product reviews. But at the same time, it’s your product! It is natural that you would want to say all the good things about it. What you should do is, begin the review with a general positive overview of the product. Then, delve deeper and add some insights. Next, you tell the readers about the cons of the product. But lastly, you conclude the review with a positive tone.

Reviews can sway a potential customer’s decision of whether to buy or leave the product. Hence, it becomes necessary to commission some reviews for your own products. But today’s customers are clever. They can tell a paid review from a genuine one. So, while writing the reviews for your product, you have to assume the role of the customer herself. This requires imagination. At Dimensions, we have highly creative content writing professionals who can write an honest yet favourable review for your product.