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It’s great to see your website rank high on Google. It’s awesome to see your app rank high on app stores. And it’s amazing to see your videos rank high on YouTube. But above all it’s great to reach the right people. Right? Dimensions is here to enable you to experience all of these good things with our SEO services.

Hello, we are a content focused SEO service provider in India. We’re aware of the fact that SEO is often engulfed in the thick fog of buzzwords and technical mumbo-jumbo. We’re here to help benefit from feasible, practical and efficient SEO strategies – SEO strategies that are tailored to YOUR specific needs.

Our SEO Services


Get the most impactful keywords that drive in-market customers to your website. Take advantage of our commercial intent-focused keyword research strategy. We use premium SEO tools – SEMrush and Ubersuggest – to help you gain quality organic traffic.

Content That Captures Search Intent:

We are a content focused SEO agency in India. This enables us to provide content for your business that captures the search intent of your target buyers. Drive the most relevant traffic to your website with our intent-focused SEO strategy.


There are four aspects to on-page SEO – building authority, using the right keywords, targeting the right search intent, and crafting content in a visually appealing way. Aa a content focused SEO agency in India, we have the capability to combine these four key things and provide the best on-page SEO services for you.

Technical SEO

If your website is built with WordPress, we can further provide Technical SEO services. From adding the right schema markup to keeping the Name-Address-Phone No. consistent across all platforms, from optimising images to fixing crawlability issues and keeping the website mobile friendly – we are here to take care of the technical side of SEO as well.

Local SEO

Dimensions has helped a significant number of local businesses gain their digital foothold on local searches. If you want to make sure that your local business captures the attention of the people living in the area, contact us and we will optimise your Google Business Profile, and your location-specific pages on your website.


Get the most optimised product description, product updates and product specification and rank high on ecommerce platforms. If you have your own Woocommerce store, we can further help you with our technical SEO services geared towards Woocommerce. For businesses that sell products – we offer services to manage Google Merchant Center as well.

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We know that improving your rank on Google or any platform isn’t a child’s play. It’s hard to be on the top of the search engine results page. There are many challenges that need to be addressed. We are here to help you address these challenges with our comprehensive SEO services.

Say Goodbye To The Challenge of Monitoring SEO Performance:

SEO is an on-going process. And unlike paid marketing, the metrics to monitor the performance aren’t quite effective. As a data driven SEO agency in India, we sit with you to identify KPIs that will help you monitor the performance of our SEO strategy.

Say Goodbye To The Challenge of Bad Content:

SEO isn’t just about keywords – it’s about content that HELPS your target audience. This is why no matter how robust your SEO strategies are, without good content, your website won’t rank high. As a content focused SEO agency, Dimensions provides you with the added advantage of SEO focused helpful content.

Say Goodbye To The Lack of Transparency:

Improving the rank of your website or app is a shared responsibility. You and our SEO company – both need to work as stakeholders to achieve success. This is why we work as your partner – not a vendor. We share all the strategies and credentials with you to help you keep track of all our progress.

Our Tech Stack

Our SEO agency in India is powered by premium SEO tools and content marketing apps. Here are the tools that drive our success –

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