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Leverage Google Ads: The Biggest Ad Platform Of The Globe

Google is where eyeballs are. Naturally, you can avoid every other platform, but you can’t avoid Google when it comes to content marketing. This content marketing has two parts – Organic and Paid. This article will talk about how to write Paid marketing content for Google Ads.


Kinds of Google Ads

To create paid ad copies with Google Ads, one first needs to have knowledge of the different types of Google ads. There are various formats of Google Ads. These are –

  • Search Ads
  • Image Ads
  • Product Listing/ Shopping Ads
  • Responsive Display Ads
  • Local Ads/ Google Maps Ads
  • Video Ads
  • App Promotion
  • Other Ad Formats


  • Search Ads

Search ads are one of the most prominent Google ad formats found on the Google Search Results Page. Most of the time, when you search for something on Google, the first two (or more) search results that you see are not organic – they are paid.


  • Image Ads

Image ads are a visual way of promoting products. When you use image ads, the ads will appear on the websites as if they are a part of the website. 


  • Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads are those product boxes that you see above the search results when you search for a specific product or service.


  • Responsive Display Ads

Responsive display ads leverage the power of Google’s algorithm to be displayed in the most optimal way. You have to upload the images, videos, headlines, descriptions and other data like location, price etc. Then, Google will mix these assets based on its algorithmic insight so that you get the possible results.


  • Local Ads

Location specific ads target the people living near your physical business. You have to use Google’s location extensions and target a specific region. Also, you have to make sure that you have an updated Google My Business Profile.


  • Video Ads

You can use video ads to advertise your products and services on Youtube and on websites that are Google video ads partners. There are 6 types of video ads – Youtube ads that you can skip, Youtube ads that you can’t skip. Then, There are ads that appear next to Youtube video search results or related videos or on mobile. These are called Discovery Ads. There’s 6 seconds of short Bumper Ad format. There are Outstream ads that are shown to the mobile websites when they visit websites. Lastly, there are Masthead ads that appear on the Homepage of Youtube.


  • App Promotion

As the name suggests, this kind of ad promotes your application and urges people to download it. You might have seen these ads while playing a free game. These ads typically contain a short gameplay and a button that takes you to Play Store or App Store.


  • Other Ads

There can be other kinds of ads which will leverage the above types of ads and add some extra features. For example, a Call Ad is that text or image ad that has a phone number associated with it.

Writing Attractive Ad Copies In A Limited Space Is A Work Of Art

Good things come in small packages – they say. But making the package smaller might be tough. No matter what Ad format you choose, you get a very limited amount of characters to convey your message to the viewer. You spend a lot of money on ads. But without impactful, enticing and memorable content, your ads can’t really make a mark on the potential buyers’ subconscious.

At Dimensions we know that each character in a paid ad is valuable. Our content writers make each word of an ad count!

Organic Content And Paid Ads Have A Difference - Content Writers Must Take This Difference Into Account

There are two kinds of Google users. First, there are those people who search for information – they are in the awareness stage. They are exploring. These people won’t buy any product right away. Second, there are those people who have decided to buy a product or service. These people search on Google to know more about the product, the industry or the service. They look for deals, better products, quicker delivery etc. These people have travelled past the awareness stage.

It’s the second set of people who should be targeted with Google ads. These people don’t look for information. They have what we call ‘buyer intent’. They already know what they need to know. These people just need a little nudge. And, Google ads will nudge them. Content Writers who write the content for Google ads should therefore craft the ad text keeping this difference in mind.

Don’t Let Your Ads Get Lost In The Crowd : Use Headlines Strategically

With Google ads you want your products and services to be known by lots and lots of people. But there are 7 million people who are trying to do the same! You have to make the uniqueness, the USP of your product or services.

For example, look at this Google ad that’s published by Aakash Institute.

There are many EdTech companies that offer NEET courses. Aakash Institute needed something unique to advertise. So they specifically mentioned their 90% Scholarship program. This differentiated them from the crowd of other such ads.

CTAs Must Be In Line With The Message In The Headlines. Are They Offering Any Value?

If your CTA doesn’t match with the message conveyed in the headlines, your ads might look haphazard. Look at the ad below.


Google Ads

The CTAs do not just match with headlines. They also put the needs of the potential buyer first. Also, these CTAs don’t talk about the features of their services or products. They specifically talk about Digital Assessment of the company of potential buyers.

Content Writers Must Write Content For The Sitelinks As Well

Sometimes, if you are lucky, your Google ad will be accompanied by some extra links. These links are links to your internal page. A small ad can’t take a lot of space – therefore have a higher chance of grabbing attention – if it is accompanied by sitelinks.

Sitelinks can be created using the Sitelinks Extension in your Google Ads platform. You don’t need to pay anything extra to include sitelinks with your Google Ads.

Content writers must write content for these Sitelinks to make them enticing as well. Look at the ad of Aakash Institute once again. The 4 extra links below the main ad are sitelinks. Clicking on them will take you to the same page as the main ad. But the link text is different for each sitelink.

Content Writers Must Be Aware of The Google Ads Anatomy

It is crucial to know the character limits, number of headlines and descriptions, availability of extensions etc before writing the content of Google Ads.

Google Search ads can have three headlines of 30 characters each and 2 description lines of 90 characters each. Along with that, there are extensions like Call Extension, location Extension etc.

What Google Ads don’t say prominently is that the third headline and the second description might get shortened if there is no space left to display them. Hence, content writers must limit all the crucial information within the first two headlines and the first description.

Pro tip: Did you know that characters like ‘m’ take up more space and thus reduce the chance of the third headline from getting displayed?

Iterations Are Important

At Dimensions, when a client asks us to write ad content for them, we don’t just write one ad copy. It’s not possible to create the most efficient ad copy by writing just one ad content. So, we write three or four iterations of the same ad. This helps the client to A/B test these ads and narrow down on the most efficient one. (In fact, Google recommends advertisers to create more than one version of the copy.)

At Dimensions, We Consult Google Keyword Planner Before Starting To Write A Google Ad Copy

Keywords are important even in the case of Google Ads. With Google Keyword Planner, advertisers can gauge how difficult it will be to rank if they use certain keywords. They can also see how much a certain keyword will cost per click if it triggers a click. Most importantly, the Google Keyword Planner tells us the potential of a particular keyword – how many impressions it has the power to gather.

All these insights are necessary to craft an attention worthy as well as efficient Google Ad copy. At Dimensions, we consider Google Keyword Planner an extremely important copywriting tool.

Scripts For Video Ads Should Be Different From The Text of Search Ads

Reading and hearing are two completely different kinds of activities. What works as text won’t work as a video script. For a video ad, the words should be mildly colloquial. There’s very little room for beating around the bush. You have to keep in mind that you are actually interrupting the video that the viewer is watching. Keep the video script entertaining and crisp.

Pro Tip – Traditional Youtube video ads charge the advertiser only if the viewer watches the video for at least 30 seconds. So if you can convey your message within the first five seconds, and the viewer skips after that – you won’t need to pay for that message!

Is Your Landing Page As Attractive As Your Ads?

One of the main objectives of Google Ads is to urge the viewers to click on the ad link that will transport them to the landing page. The work of a paid ad ends when the potential buyer lands on the landing page. Now it’s the landing page that has to show its worthiness.

So, a great copy with not so great landing page content won’t result in any conversion. This is why you need the help of agencies like Dimensions Content Writing agency, Kolkata. We have both the ad copy writer as well as paid ad experts giving you a 360 degree service.

With Google ads, you can easily reach potential buyers. But you need impactful content for your ads and landing pages to convert the visitors into buyers. Dimensions Content Writing Company, Kolkata can help you in this regard. Let’s connect!