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Your Ultimate Guide To Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing is challenging. Why? Because people primarily use Instagram to have mindless (for lack of a better word) entertainment. There are reels, images and stories. There is IGTV. Each one of them is primarily filled with entertaining content. People don’t expect any serious or philosophical content on Instagram. So promoting something on Instagram needs to be done in an entertaining way, graphic way.

Repeat After Me :
“Entertainment First, Promotion Second”

Instagram is for entertainment. Period. Hence, nobody is going to watch patiently why your company’s hand sanitizer is more effective. So does that mean, companies should stop promoting their products on Instagram? No! But the promotional strategy for Instagram should be different.

Here’s an example for you. Look at the Instagram page of AWS – a cloud computing service from Amazon. Look at the images.

AWS Instagram Marketing
AWS Instagram Posts

All of their posts are interesting as far as graphics are concerned. The images contain modern day flat design animation. The colours are vibrant. Most of the posts of AWS on Instagram are in the form of videos. And, AWS consciously makes its Instagram posts entertaining to view. The results? Each of their videos get an average of 8000 views. And each of their images gets 300 to 500 hearts.

Now, compare this AWS profile with the profile of Azure. It is Microsoft’s cloud computing service. Cloud computing itself is a topic that is not easy to understand. Microsoft’s Instagram is filled with hard-to-understand images related to cloud computing. Frankly speaking : those images appear boring to a normal Instagram user. Even if the user knows a thing or two about cloud computing, those posts won’t appeal to her. The result – hardly 100 likes on each post.

Take Inspiration From Fevicol's Instagram Marketing Posts

Fevicol is one of the few companies that does its digital marketing job correctly on each of the platforms. On Instagram, too, Fevicol is insanely popular. It rarely posts videos. 98% of all the posts consist of images. But those images are witty and smart. Each of the posts gets an average of 1500 likes.

So what is the secret of Fevicol apart from being witty? Short two line ads with minimalist design. People on social media have microscopic attention span. The posts that are quick to read and yet impactful are the ones that are going to win. Seems like Fevicol has cracked this digital marketing challenge.

Here are some of the posts of Fevicol. See them and take inspiration.

How We At Dimensions Can Help You In Your Instagram Marketing Journey

At Dimensions, we keep reminding ourselves the mantra – “ Entertainment First, Promotion Second.” Here’s how we handle Instagram posts…

  • We don’t make our client’s Instagram posts overtly philosophical. Look, people come on Instagram to escape their harsh reality. If we post heavy stuff, nobody is going to like that. So we intentionally keep out posts light-hearted.

  • Each of the Instagram posts must be interesting. Each eyeball has value. We respect those eyeballs (and the owner of them!)

  • We use Canva and Adobe Spark to design our Insta posts. A well-designed post is the key to achieving engagement on Instagram.

  • Sticking to the theme is highly important. If our client deals with earphones, it is extremely necessary to create 90% of the posts that have something to do with earphones. That’s how you can woo the algorithm.

  • We use hashtags strategically.

  • Commenting on others’ posts is an important but underrated tactic. At Dimensions, we never forget to comment on other’s posts – if we are managing a professional account.

  • Instagram is all about recent trends. We, at Dimensions, leverage the recent trends while creating posts. A good batting from an IPL player, a popular Bollywood song, any new scientific development – everything is content-worthy to us.

  • Lastly, an informative content always works wonders. If the people find something useful in your content ( being entertaining also tantamounts to being useful), they are more likely to engage with it.

A Little Knowledge In Video Editing Goes A Long Way

Although there are businesses like Fevicol that mainly focus on the image aspect of Instagram, you will gain an additional edge if you have a basic video editing knowledge. We, at Dimensions use Cyberlink video editor for Android to edit our videos. It’s not rocket science, but the impact of these videos is significant.

At the end, we must mention that every business has different needs. What works for company A, might not work for company B. So, connect with us. Together, let’s formulate a solid Instagram marketing strategy.