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This is Raj

    Raj works in the marketing department of a stationary supplier.

His responsibility is to make the business owners and purchasing officers purchase printing papers from his company.

copywriting tips


This is Mr. Malhotra

The purchasing officer of a testing-certificate issuing company.

Raj sends an email to Mr. Malhotra where he talks about his products.



 Unfortunately for Raj, Mr. Malhotra never replies to that email. Raj starts thinking why this happened.

This is the email that Raj sent –

Copywriting Example


Can you guess why Mr Malhotra did not find the email interesting?

The Email is all Me Me Me! The moment the purchasing officer reads the email, he will ask – “What’s in it there for me?”


  • In the email, Raj went on to talk about his own products disregarding the wants and desires of his potential buyer.

  • Raj’s email does not have the answer to – “What’s in it there for me?”



Raj starts brainstorming. He wants to know how to shape his write-up to entice Mr. Malhotra – to make him desire to buy Raj’s product.

He starts reading all the online resources, he starts watching all the Youtube videos regarding this.

Ultimately Raj realizes what he is looking for is – copywriting. 

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the form of writing that puts the potential customer – his interests first. It adds value to the reader by providing or promising something that will significantly help the potential buyer in his life.

Copywriting is not –  “I have an awesome product. It does this. It does that.” It is about –  “Do YOU want to solve xx problem in your life? I think I have a solution. It will increase YOUR productivity by xx%. If you implement this solution, you will save ### Rupees every month. Let’s connect.”

This is basically what copywriting is all about!


How Does Copywriting Differ From Content Writing?



There is a subtle difference between copywriting and content writing. When you attempt to differentiate between the two, you will invite fierce debate – because there is actually no consensus. But, anyway, here’s how we at Dimensions differentiate between the two –

There are three phases in a buyer’s journey, broadly speaking. These are – awareness phase, consideration phase and decision phase. Content writing helps to transport the readers to the awareness phase. Copywriting, on the other hand, persuades the potential to consider and (sometimes) to decide to buy the product.

The line gets blurred when marketers sometimes use copywriting to make people aware of a new product or service. We remember, in Kolkata some years back, there were some posters installed by the roadside that read – “Andaman in One Rupee” indicating some great offer regarding Andaman tour. There were no details – just those lines. It piqued the interest of the passengers and the people who walked on the roads. It was only after a few days, details about the offer emerged.

Thus what a Redditor said is absolutely true – All copywriting is content writing, but not all content writing is copywriting.

But generally speaking, content writing makes the people (and Google) aware of the product while copywriting increases their emotion and interest regarding the same so that they move forward and buy.

Copywriting Tips From Dimensions - Forget What You Know

Copywriting is a vast discipline. Explaining the process in 10-20 points won’t do justice. Yet, we have tried to present some major copywriting tips that will help give you a nice head start. But keep experimenting. Keep on doing permutations and combinations.

  1. Don’t Sell The Camera – Sell The Memorable Picture of The Loved Ones

    If you are selling a camera – that means you are talking about the camera itself. But don’t forget that’s the product that you are selling. Look at the above animation again. Sell the emotion – the value – attached with the camera. Tell them how your camera takes pictures that remain lively, that keep the memories fresh, that let the customer transport back to the carefree past moments.

  2. Treat Copywriting Like The Yesteryear Telegram

    In the past, sending a telegram was an expensive affair. You have to pay for each and every word. And the price per word was quite steep.

    Today, when it comes to advertising online or offline, you are charged on a per word basis. But more crucial than that, you won’t be allowed much character count. You can’t waste a single character. Each character of your copy should be important. Avoid redundant words. Avoid ornamentation. Use those literary devices that require lesser words. Don’t be afraid of the backspace button!

  3. Use Full Stops Generously

    Run-on sentences are not just confusing, they also require you to use more words.

    Run-on sentences are confusing. They also require you to use more words.

    Look at the two sentences. They say the same thing. Yet the second one requires less words. That’s the power of full stops.

  4. Create a sense of urgency

    In other words leverage, people’s fear of missing out. However, don’t overdo it. Otherwise they will see through your strategy. Look at this email that one of our writers got in his mail. That’s a nice example of fear of missing out or FOMO.

    copywriting tips

    An email alert sent by ET Money

  5. Make Them Wonder In Their Own Mind – “Really! How?” With Your Copy

    A good copy must be able to evoke the reader’s curiosity and wonder. The copy must make them ask – “Really! How?” or “Is that so? Let me see how.” Look at this content from ET Money. It looks like plain and simple content writing, but it actually has all the ingredients of copywriting.

  6. Generously Use Personal Pronouns Like ‘You’ or ‘Your’

    Examine this article. We have used personal pronouns like ‘you’ or ‘your’ 44 times in this article! Now imagine, instead of those pronouns, if we used ‘they,’ ‘them,’ or ‘people,’ would the content remain interesting ?

  7. Stop Using Those Hollywood-Styled Words

    Be natural. Words like ‘magnificent’ or ‘Bespoke’ or ‘Trailblazing.’ This is not a movie trailer. Use words that you would use in real life. Look at our Home Page. We could have used some over the top words. But that would look unnatural. And, people would not be able to relate to it.

    Best Content Writing Agency In Kolkata
    Keep It Minimalistic

  8. Call To Value As Opposed To Call To Action (Method of Harry Dry)

    Harry Dry in one of his Reddit posts talks about call to value. He says, after the main body of copy ends, instead of adding a call to action button ( e.g. subscribe to our newsletter) add a call to value button (e.g. get daily marketips straight to your inbox). The latter works better.

  9. Emojis Are a Huge Part of Copywriting Today

    Include emojis in your copy. They enhance the emotion that your text intends to put forward. Look at these two sentences –

    Offer ends today! Register now. 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♂️
    Offer ends today! Register now.

    The first one uses less words. It looks visually attractive as well. ( The copywriting gurus will start screaming though once they read this! But you have to keep up with the new generation.)

  10. Storification Is Crucial

    Look at the beginning of this article. Why do you think you did not get bored and have read till the end? It’s 70% because of the stories and examples. Dry theories do not work anymore. Give examples. Tell stories. And if possible, tell some real life story. Keep the story short, and enure a proper closure that is reflective of the headline or the subject line of the mailer/ad copy

  11. Follow A.I.D.A

    The segments in your copy must follow A.I.D.A – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Look at this article. We captured your attention with the cartoons. Then we showed you how to rephrase the email. Heck, we even asked you questions. That’s how we made you take interest in this article. And then we went on to talk about how to write a great copy – we leveraged your desire to learn more. Keep reading to see how we handle the ‘action’ part.

There are many more copywriting tips available on the web. If you apply even 50% of these tips, you will see noticeable increase in leads and sales. But always remember, each business has its unique needs. A copy must take those needs in account. The copy must reflect the company culture. Writing a great copy is a work of art. Connect with us. We will show how you can use copies that work – that increase your revenue.