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Dominate LinkedIn With These Killer LinkedIn Business Content Strategies

We use so many different social media. While they look kind of similar, each of them follow a fixed miche. Facebook is known for intimate posts between friends and families. Twitter is known for short posts where actors, politicians and other celebrities are prominent. Likewise LinkedIn is known for business content. LinkedIn is the only major social networking site that focuses on the businesses and the professionals. So what you post on Facebook or Twitter, will not work on LinkedIn. For LinkedIn you have to come up with LinkedIn business content – polished, to the point but not dry. We at Dimensions can help you with that.


LinkedIn Buisness

Types Of LinkedIn Business Content

LinkedIn Business content is a very broad term. Let’s make it clearer. So when you sign up for LinkedIn, you have to create a personal profile – you have to add your work and educational history and other related things. What you post on your personal profile can be termed as business content. On LinkedIn you don’t post what you ate the previous day or who you are dating. The posts are all related to the professional sphere.

LinkedIn also allows you to create business pages. You can create a Linkedin business page dedicated to your company. Here, you will obviously try to promote your company, increase the followers of your business page and even hire capable candidates.

So LinkedIn Business content can be broadly divided into two forms –

  • Business content on personal profile.
  • Business content on the company page or business page.

You have to approach these two forms of content differently. Let’s delve deeper and see how we at Dimensions optimize each of these content for LinkedIn.

Part 1 : Optimising LinkedIn Business Content On Personal Profile

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site. And the people here talk business. So even the personal profiles are optimised so that the people get maximum exposure in the industries. Come, let’s see how we optimise the LinkedIn personal profiles –

  • Optimising The Profile Itself

    On LinkedIn, the business content starts from the very profiles of the people. An optimised profile is a crucial part of one’s LinkedIn marketing strategy. What are the things that should be optimised?

    Optimise the profile headline. Mention the industry and company that you are associated with. For example, we at Dimensions have profile headlines like this – “Content writing strategist at Dimensions.” But why? The reason is, when somebody searches for something or someone related to the industry you are associated with, your name should appear on the search results page of LinkedIn.

    Optimise the About Section. Please don’t address yourself in third person! That trend is outdated. Also, use keywords related to your industry in this section. Don’t forget to add a detailed description of your job history and certifications.

  • Post Strategically

    Now, let’s come to the posts on the personal profile. Posts by the personal LinkedIn profiles and posts made by a company profile should have subtle differences.

    Posts made by the personal profiles should have a personal touch. Yes, LinkedIn is a social site made for professionals. But remember, professionals are human beings too! So talk about your challenges. Talk about the story of how you got the job or gave birth to the business. But don’t get too carried away.

    Look at this motivational post by Radhika Gupta, MD and CEO of Edelweiss Mutual Fund. The post is not related to finance, yet it is not so far fetched.

    LinkedIn Business Content

    Of course in between such types of posts, you have to promote your business and company as well. But don’t go overboard. Again, take a look at another post written by Radhika Gupta –

    LinkedIn Edelweiss

    Ms Gupta did not go overboard with the promotion of her company’s new product. Yet we can smell a sense of her pride and hope in this post.

  • Nobody Will Engage With You If You Don’t Engage With Others’ Posts

    This is the basic social psychology and is true for all social networking sites. But this is more true on LInkedIn because LinkedIn’s algorithm favours those who engage with the posts of others. So make sure that you like, comment and share others’ posts.

  • Helpful Posts Go A Long Way

    When it comes to the personal profile, helpful posts go a long way in increasing the reach of the person concerned. Not only reach – helpful, information-rich posts help the person become an authority figure in the concerned industry. That’s the type of content we provide when our clients ask for content to be posted on their personal profile.

  • Text Is The King on LinkedIn

    Many people wrongly stress on posting more videos on LinkedIn. But the fact is, LinkedIn is the only social network where text is preferred over videos. In fact, if you notice, most of the LinkedIn videos have captions which is an indication to the fact that LinkedIners love texts.

    So, when you are creating business content, stress more on text – this is true both for the personal profile and for the company profile. However, nobody likes dry unformatted text. Use well designed images, PDFs and banners.

    Pro Tip – LinkedIn doesn’t support making the text Bold or Underlined. However, there are many web based solutions available that can make your texts bold. Making the opening line of your text bold creates a greater impact and ensures proper formatting.

  • Leverage Hashtags

    Incorporating hashtags to your LinkedIn Business Content is a nice way to ensure that it gets some reach. People on LinkedIn follow various hashtags. For example, almost 60,000 people follow the #contentwriting on LinkedIn. So after every LinkedIn Business Content we add this hashtag. This ensures that our posts reach even those people who don’t follow our company page.

  • Don’t Forget LinkedIn Pulse

    The normal post section of LinkedIn comes with a capping of 1300 characters. So you can’t really write in a detail about something. And without writing in detail about a topic, you can’t appear as an expert on that topic. The solution? LInkedIn Pulse.

    LinkedIn Pulse is the article section of LinkedIn. Here, you can write long articles. Nobody will limit you. You can show off your knowledge about your industry. You can become an authority figure. Linkedin Pulse is the best place on LinkedIn to write long form business content.

    We have already written an article on how to write a perfect LinkedIn Pulse Post. You might want to look at it.

Part 2 : Business Content On The Company Page

Now let’s talk about the business content that you broadcast through your company profile. Let’s show you how we at Dimensions approach such type of content.

  • Industry Focused Content

    We at Dimensions make our LinkedIn content for companies more industry focused. There are two reasons behind it. The first one is – this is a company page and not a personal profile. Relevant content works more as far as company pages are concerned.

    Secondly, we stick to industry specific content because this practice will show the algorithm that the concerned company is intrinsically associated with the particular industry.

  • Duly Fill The About Section

    Company pages have company profiles. The best place to incorporate relevant keywords and introduce your company to the world is the about section. Duly fill the about section of the page. Use relevant keywords. Please don’t use too much jargon just because it is a business page.

  • Keeping The Content Design Scheme Consistent

    Look at the company page of Tech Mahindra. See the cover image. Now look at the images added to the posts. Do you see a synchronisation in the design? Each and every image on the Tech Mahindra LinkedIn page has a distinct design scheme. You can easily identify an image from Tech Mahindra among other images just by seeing the design.

  • Hijack A Hashtag

    After writing a post on your company profile, make sure you add a custom hashtag to the post. For example, we add a custom hashtag – #AnotherDimension to each of our posts. And then we urge people to follow the hashtag. This ensures that we can be sure of reaching a certain number of people who follow our hashtag. But this is a long term process. You have to keep on reminding the readers to please follow the hashtag.

  • Use Original Images

    This one tip can make your business look trustworthy. A lot of companies use third party images. This creates a difference between the companies and the people. Give the people an insider look at your company. This will create an intimate bond between the LinkedIn users and your company.

  • Don’t Make The LinkedIn Business Content Dry

    Yes, keep your Linkedin business content on your company page formal. But please don’t make it dry. Create some unique posts so that people cannot just scroll past them! Yeah yeah, easier said than done.

    Look at this unique post shared by UpGrad on its business page

    LinkedIn Business Content Upgrad

  • Reply To The Comments

    Creating a LinkedIn Business Content does not just mean creating fabulous posts. What you say as replies to the comments on these posts also falls under business content. Make sure that you reply to each and every comment. This will make the algorithm and the person who commented happy.

  • Comment On Others’ Posts As Your Business Profile

    Just like you comment to others’ posts using your own profile, do the same thing using your business profile. This kind of short business content takes less time to create but has awesome benefits. Such comments will introduce the presence of your company to people who might not have been aware of your company.

  • Memes Memes Everywhere!

    A lot of companies on LinkedIn try to be formal. But this is the era of being informal. That’s why companies like CuriosityStream are embracing memes. LinkedIn is yet to be saturated with memes. Leverage this new age trend and create an unique, fun identity for your business.

Experiment With Videos

Earlier in the article, we said that text is more important on LinkedIn than videos. However, LinkedIn is trying to replicate the success that Facebook or Twitter got afte incorporating native videos.

For this reason, many people believe that the LinkedIn algorithm favours videos. They allege that videos get more reach than text based content. Who knows? This might be true. So keep pumping out text based content, but post at least one video every week as of now.

So, you see LinkedIn business content does not just mean one or two things. Any content on LinkedIn is business content. And you have to approach each kind of LinkedIn content differently. Need help with creating LinkedIn business content? Let’s team up.