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Advertorial Copywriting Services: The Art of Advertising Without Advertising

Advertorial is an interesting form of copywriting where you need to subtly promote your product or service. At Dimensions Content Writing Services, Kolkata, we have practical experience in writing advertorial copies enabling businesses to promote themselves in an authoritative way

What Is Advertorial?

Advertorials are those newspaper articles that look like any standard news piece, but are actually promotional materials. A typical advertorial uses the professional tone that’s used by the newspaper. It carries a heading that is not too promotional in nature and you won’t find any explicit Call To Action – like “Contact Us Today” or “Hurry”. As you can guess, an advertorial is an amalgamation of advertisement and editorial. So, you need to include the best of both worlds. You can differentiate an advertorial from a true news article by looking at the disclaimer somewhere near it.

Advertorial Example
An Example of Advertorial. Source - Economic Times

How We Write Advertorial Copies: Premise, Promise, Subtlety

Advertorial copies need to be written keeping the medium in mind. What’s the medium here? Newspapers. We can’t be too salesy, yet we have to promote the product or service of our clients. Here’s our strategy.


Unlike standard newspaper ads, advertorials offer enough space to build a premise before going into details. We at Dimensions use this scope of building a premise in various ways depending upon the purpose of the advertorial.

Sometimes we use this premise to talk about the challenges faced by the target customers of our clients. Sometimes we use it to introduce our clients. Again sometimes, we use the premise for pure informational purposes (often for government advertorials issued in public interest).


An advertorial, at the end of the day, is an advertisement. This means that companies use it to promote products or services. But as we said, in an advertorial, we can’t promote anything directly. So, instead of promoting the product, we talk about the features of the product or service – the features that promise customers to resolve the challenges faced by them. (The challenges should ideally mentioned in the Premise)

Subtle Promotion

In the last section of the advertorial, we talk about how to reach our client for further information. This is one way of subtle promotion. Again sometimes, we give the contact details of the people featured in the advertorial. Interestingly, if the company we are writing the advertorial for is too well known, we don’t need to offer any contact details at all.

Remember, this part can sometimes be merged with the Promise part. For example, if we are promoting a shampoo brand, we can talk about ways to overcome hair loss in the promise section. While talking about the ways, we can subtlety promote the shampoo brand (For instance, we write a sentence like this – “After that, apply #### shampoo to your hair and keep it for 2 minutes…” Just an example)

Remember The News Format

While writing an advertorial copy, it is necessary to write it just like a news article is written. For example, if an Iron and Steel company wants to showcase its recent performance in a business newspaper, we have to talk about its annual reports, recent investments and the promising future lying ahead. It will look almost like a news report. Only while writing about the promising future can we use a wee bit of promotional tone.


An advertorial can take many shapes depending upon the purpose of the client and the nature of the business.

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