5 Myths About WordPress Websites Debunked

Debunking 5 Myths About WordPress Websites


Did you know over 500 websites are created and published on WordPress every day? Pretty impressive, right? WordPress is a powerful CMS platform around the world. Yet, there is plenty of misinformation about it on the internet. Most of these are misconceptions from the yesteryear that continue to haunt us even today. Today, WordPress is no longer just for amateur bloggers. It is the go-to website builder for small (and big) organisations. In this article, we will dispel five commonly believed myths about WordPress. 

5 myths about WordPress websites that are a lie:

  • WordPress websites cannot be customised 

You may have heard that all WordPress websites look alike or WordPress websites cannot be customised. Well, that is far from true. WordPress themes and plugins give you the power to customise your website per your needs and brand aesthetics. The beginner-friendly CMS tool allows you to create eye-catching websites for your company and e-commerce stores. You can find multipurpose themes alongside niche-based themes that enable you to create the perfect website for your company. In fact, right now WordPress has a repository for 12000 free themes and 60,000 free plugins. You can play around with these themes and plugins until you build the best version of your company website. 

  • WordPress websites are not secure

Website security on WordPress is a controversial topic, as many sources state that websites are prone to hacking. However, as times progressed and WordPress improved its backend systems, the security of the CMS also strengthened. WordPress Core continues to improve its security measures to make it the most trusted platform for website hosting. Nevertheless, some threats may arise due to themes and plugin usage. In this case, professional WordPress website developers can guide you and create secure websites.

  • WordPress websites are slow

It is a misconception that WordPress websites are slow. WordPress releases new updates and versions, ensuring fewer downtimes and fluctuations. Additionally, there are several WordPress responsive themes so your application can support advanced functionalities. WordPress websites can be accessed through all devices without any hindrance. However, the WordPress website, content and media are adequately optimised for seamless functioning. Improve your WordPress website to offer a great browsing experience to website visitors and potential customers. 

  • WordPress websites stop functioning after an update

Another myth about WordPress is that websites stop functioning after an update. It is not true. The WordPress community of developers are constantly working on the platform to make it more efficient for the users. Currently, 78.1% of WordPress sites are using Version 6. In 2023, the CMS platform rolled out its major update, WordPress 6.4 “Shirley”. It comprises the potential of six Gutenberg releases that make personalisation, customisation and content management smooth and effortless. Alongside major updates, WordPress also conducts smaller periodical updates to fix bugs and improve the overall site for a better user experience. Adequate optimisation and the correct use of themes and plugins can ensure your WordPress website is always up and running. 

  • WordPress websites do not look as professional as hand-coded websites

Last but not least, WordPress websites often face one common allegation: they do not look professional like hand-coded websites. Before going any further, hop onto Taylor Swift’s official website for a quick tour. Believe it or not, one of the most versatile and influential singers uses WordPress for her official website. WordPress boasts a community of developers around the globe who make WordPress a robust CMS platform for website creation. All its features, like themes, plugins, social media integration, etc., empower non-coders to create flawless websites that look professional and navigable to drive traffic. 

Wrapping Up

Big companies like BBC America, The New Yorker, MTV News, NASA, The Rolling Stones and more are leveraging the power and flexibility of WordPress. As a small business, this is your cue to utilise WordPress to create a scalable and low-cost website for your company. WordPress makes websites more manageable for non-technical users and non-coders. The security features and constant updates are making WordPress the go-to CMS site for companies. 

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This Content Has Been Written By a Human Being
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