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Digital Marketing is the buzzword in modern India. But don’t you feel that the term  is too vague?

Do you actually know what you want from a Digital Marketing agency?

Welcome to Dimensions Content – a RESULT DRIVEN Digital Marketing agency in India. We empower Indian organisations with Digital Marketing strategies that’s built on the foundation of true knowledge – not gimmick.


Providing Value To Our Clients Since 2017

But Why Would YOU Choose Us?

Because we don’t claim to be an expert in every aspect of Digital Marketing!

Digital Marketing is a vast ocean, and any Digital Marketing agency in India that claims to be a master of everything that is there in this domain won’t be able to provide domain expertise.

We have domain expertise in select Digital Marketing services that are most demanded by companies.

What Digital Marketing Challenges Do We Solve?

These days Digital Marketing is full of buzzwords. These buzzwords make it hard for clients to MEASURE the success of Digital Marketing strategies.

We at Dimensions don’t hide behind these words. We create KPIs that will help you understand whether you’re getting your money’s worth or not.



When it comes to Digital Marketing, the sky is the limit. You can do this, you can do that – you can do a thousand different things.

Our Digital Marketing strategy takes your budget, your vision and your organisation’s bandwidth into consideration. We provide REALISTIC & FEASIBLE Digital Marketing roadmap.

That’s right, no Digital Marketing strategy will ever be successful if you treat content as a secondary part.

Dimensions is a content focused Digital Marketing agency that empowers you to take advantage of soulful Digital Marketing that’s powered by engaging content.


Our Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is much more than just keyword research. It entails understanding the psychology and intent of your target buyers and then formulating a strategy to enhance the reach of your brand Want to see the power of true SEO? Contact Us!

Technical SEO

We have dedicated technical SEO experts at our Digital Marketing agency who take care of the technical part of SEO. From implementing schema markups to configuring robots.txt, from leveraging interlinks to holistically improve the technical aspects of your website - we do it all.

Content Marketing Services

Content is the soul of Digital Marketing. You need good content to make your Digital Marketing efforts fruitful. Dimensions is a content focused Digital Marketing agency in India. We acknowledge the importance of content and hence we have domain experts who write content - not to fill pages, but to provide value.

Google Ads

We at Dimensions don’t talk about millions or billions. Small and mid sized businesses in India can’t afford to spend too much on Google Ads. Our focus is to give them results with the limited amount of money that these companies can spend.

Social Media Management

How to have a balance between wit and decorum on social media?
Today in this charged atmosphere,companies can’t afford to say irresponsible things on social media. Else, it runs the risk of attracting severe backlash. Want to hire a RESPONSIBLE Social Media Manager for your company?


WordPress Web Development

Yes, WordPress is a no-code web development platform. Yet, the platform is extremely feature rich which makes the web design process complicated.
At our Digital Marketing Agency, we build stable, secure and fast WordPress websites with special focus on aesthetics and user-friendly UI.

This Quarter's Achievement

3.5% Increase In Uneecop’s Traffic

Look closely – There is a 15.84% increase in non-branded traffic. That means – new customers are discovering the brand!

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No Fluff, No Bluff

Our Affordable Digital Marketing Plans and Packages

SEO Services

INR 5000/month
  • Keyword Research (30 keywords researched with SEMrush, AdPlanner & Google Trends)
  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Gap Analysis
  • Comprehensive SEO Audit
  • Content Ideas (30 content ideas, based on the keywords)
  • On-page SEO optimisation for 10 existing content on the website (per month)*

SEO + Content

INR 40,000/month
  • Keyword Research With SEMrush (20 keywords)
  • Ten 1500-Word Content Based On Those Keywords
  • Keyword Gap Analysis (Keywords that your competitor's website ranks for)
  • Comprehensive SEO Audit
  • On-page SEO optimisation for 10 existing content on the website (per month)
  • 5 Social Media Posts With Graphic Design

Content Writing

INR 2/Word
  • 100% SEO Optimised Content
  • Each Content Will Be Keyword Optimised
  • 100% Human Written Content. We Don't Use AI
  • Each Content Piece Is Checked On Grammarly Premium
  • Content Pieces Are Written Based On Business Objective
  • Dedicated Whatsapp Group For Quick Communication

Social Media Management

INR 15,000/month
  • 3 Social Media Profiles (Business or Individual)
  • 3 Post Per Week In a Month
  • Every Post Will Have a Dedicated Graphic Design
  • Special Focus on LikedIn
  • On-Demand Facebook/Insta Reels (Instead of posts)
  • Group Management

Google Ads

INR 5000/Campaign
  • Keyword Planning
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Thorough Research To Select The Most Accurate Target Demographic
  • Special Focus on Blocking Irrelevant Clicks
  • Landing page creation (if the website is made with WordPress)
  • Dedicated Whatsapp Group For Quick Communication

WordPress Web Design (Including Content)

INR 60,000/Website
  • Full Responsive Website
  • Can Be Managed By Client After Handover
  • Special Focus On Security With WordFence and Two-Factor Authentication
  • Special Focus On Making The Website
    SEO Optimised
  • 100% Copyright Free Images & Elements
  • 500-Word Content To Be Written For 15 Pages

We Can Mention Some Jargons Here To Impress You! But We Won’t

Digital Marketing is full of jargon. From ROAS to LTV, from CRO to CPM – and now prompt engineering – the world of Digital Marketing is made complex by these jargons. At our Digital Marketing agency, our motto is –

Don't Think Big, Think Simple - That's More Difficult!

Let's Elevate Your Brand To New Heights

Leverage our Digita Marketing Services. Contact Us Today!

Our team of Simple Thinkers

Dipanwita Gupta

Founder, Brand Strategist

Shreejita Roy

On-Page SEO Strategist

Marifur Rahaman

Senior Digital Marketer

Anuj Singh

Anuj Singh

Marketing Specialist

Prajwal S
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"Dipanwita and her team are very prompt and sincere. They have very good work ethics and completely understand the client requirements. I definitely recommend her service."
Madhurima Sarkar
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"They are fully efficient for any kind content. They are full with new ideas, great stock of words. Great ambience with humble people. Lovely experience while working with them. Best wishes for the coming years."
Sweety Jha
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"Totally satisfied with the experience, surely looking forward to working with you again."

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