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Medium is a great platform. One look at it and you will understand that it is different from the other blogging platforms. It is relatively new – launched in 2012. Publishers, brands and independent article writers are still trying to experiment with Medium. Our content writers can write articles specifically designed for Medium. The website content writers at Dimension take a somewhat different approach when it comes to writing for Medium. It is necessary. Read on…

What Is Medium?

Medium is a blogging platform at its very core. Founded by Evan Williams, the Twitter co-founder, Medium is quite upscale compared to traditional blogging platforms.

The main thing that Medium tries to do is let people come out of the abyss of ‘writing for the advertisers.’ Medium encourages you to write for the readers – the actual people who read your articles. But fret not, they don’t take away your chance to earn money. Medium has a subscription system in place. The curators at Medium curate well-researched, pleasurable-to-read articles and presents to the paid members of the platform. Yes, paid members. Medium lets you read only three free articles per month. Beyond that, you need to be a paid member to read the other articles. The more interesting your articles are, the more people it will reach.

Why Are Companies Using Medium?

Enough about independent writers. Why are companies posting their web writing on Medium? What is their incentive?

  • First understand that the readers of Medium are not the average readers ( with all due respect). The readers of Medium are well educated with great industry experience. They can easily understand what is an informative, well-researched article and what is plain garbage writing.

So impressing this highly concentrated audience is equal to winning the half battle. What happens when it comes to normal blogging is that you get lots of views from people whom you don’t really need. But when it comes to Medium, there is little ‘noise’ – you get views from people whom you want to reach.

  • Secondly, maintaining a Medium blog is cheaper than maintaining your independently hosted blog. You don’t need to depend on your web developers. Medium gives you everything that you need. The editor is intuitive, the design is already there. What’s more, you don’t need to depend on Google Search Console to see the stats. Medium shows the article stats in a comprehensive manner.
  • And as said, Medium is read by highly educated, skillful readers. So the response that you get on your articles are extremely useful. You don’t get spammed by the people who comment. These comments can be taken as constructive criticism. So, you can identify the merits and demerits of your brand without being targeted by trolls and abusers.

Why Your Brand Must Have A Presence On Medium?

Medium is a unique platform. It does not care about SEO. At all. You write quality content and your articles will rank.

With Medium, you don’t need to fumble with keywords, on-page SEO, backlinks and what not. Well-researched, crisp articles are what Medium demands. Even if your brand has no prior reach, even if people are not aware of your company and even if you don’t rank on Google – Medium won’t discriminate between you and a well-known publisher – That’s how democratic Medium is.

  • Medium doesn’t care about your brand’s authority in the industry.
  • Medium doesn’t care about the date when your articles were published.
  • Medium doesn’t care about the backlinks that your article has got.

Writing information rich, carefully crafted articles is the only criteria that you need to fulfill to rank on Medium. So it is very easy to rank on Medium and get dramatic reach if you are sincere enough.


  1. Can I use Medium for Link Building?

Know one thing, on Medium every backlink has a no-follow tag. That means even if your Medium articles have links that point to your website – those links won’t pass the link juice to your website.

2.If Medium is not good for Link building, then why should I use it in the first place?

There are two reasons. The first one has already been mentioned. You get quality traffic if you post on Medium.

The second reason, although Medium doesn’t let you use do-follow backlinks, there are two great SEO benefits that Medium provides –

  • Medium lets you write on its domain for free. The free versions of Blogger or WordPress only give you sub-domains. Making a sub domain rank on google is extremely tough. With Medium’s own domain, your articles can rank easily.
  • It is true that Medium uses no-follow links. But if you can export your website’s articles on Medium. When you export your articles on Medium, it adds a rel=canonical tag to the source ( your website) where the article is imported from. So, basically when an article ranks on Google – it is your site’s authority that gets increased.

So, you see, the platform where you write articles is important – it will determine the tone and purpose of the articles. At Dimensions, our content writers always take into account where the articles will be posted before starting to write them.

If you want your brand to have a polished image on the web do utilise Medium’s awesome platform. We will be happy to help you.