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Twitter Posts : Good Things Come In Small Package

Twitter is a different ball game when it comes to social media marketing strategy. Everything keeps changing there every second. Neil Patel says that the average lifespan of a Tweet is just 18 minutes. After that it becomes obsolete. So a tweet has just 18 minutes to promote a brand or product. Thus making a perfect, attention-worthy Twitter post is a work of art. And our content writers are the artists!


Why Twitter Matters To A Business

Having a Twitter Handle can immensely enhance the content marketing strategy of a brand. If managed properly, the Twitter strategy of a brand can help it gain the interest of the buyers.


  • More than Facebook, it is Twitter where customers try to engage with their favourite brands. So, it is necessary to keep this channel open. The more you engage with the customers’ complaints and queries, the more there is the chance that they remain loyal to your brand.


  • With strategic posts, you can gauge the mood of the potential customers. Features like Twitter Polls can go a long way in gaining useful insights on the preferences of your customers and potential buyers.


  • Enhancing the image of your brand – showing the values that your brand stands for – is another reason why Twitter cannot be ignored. A brand that has no  presence in this social site is missing out on an easy way of building brand image.


  • if you are already a big brand but don’t leverage Twitter, now is the time. People talk about brands, criticise them, praise them on this social network. You want to keep yourself updated on what the people say about your brand.


  • If you own a small company, don’t think that Twitter is too big to be helpful for you. Use micro blogging site with a focus on the local audience. In fact, if you use Twitter for your local business, you have to face less competition. Your posts will be more likely to reach the eyes of the desired potential buyers.

"Brands use Twitter as the customer care destination. People come to Twitter to complain about the services or suggest something. Twitter gives your customers an outlet. This reduces their frustration."

10 Ways To Maximize Your Twitter Strategy

The world of Twitter is dynamic. What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work today. We have to constantly update ourselves to keep our Twitter strategy effective. Here are the things that we do –


  1. Consistency

    This tip has become cliched. And this is true for almost all of the social networks. If you don’t post consistently, the algorithm won’t favour you. See, like all the other social sites, the existence of Twitter too depends on engagement. So, it will obviously reward those who create opportunities for other people to engage. Daily posts are those opportunities.


  2. Don’t Follow Haphazardly

    When we manage our clients’ Twitter account, we make sure that we don’t follow any and every person. We follow those people who are associated with the industry of the particular client. This is also another way of telling the algorithm that “ I want to gain exposure to people of so and so industry.” Also, when you follow people of your industry, some of them will follow back too. So you get followers who belong to your industry.


  3. Ride On The Trends

    This micro blogging site is all about leveraging the trends to maximize engagements. We always keep ourselves updated on the latest news concerning sports, movies, socio-economy, international affairs and more. We use the popular trends to help our clients get more engagements.

    You can see this yourself if you follow Zomato’s Twitter handle. Many times they use trending topics to create engaging posts. Here’s one such post.


  4. Assuring The Customers

    One of the major uses of Twitter is to placate the dissatisfied customers. A majority of customers want that there should be an ear that would listen to their complaints. We work as that ear on Twitter!


  5. Making Sure That We Publicise That We Resolved The Issues of The Customers

    So, companies use Twitter to resolve issues. We make sure that we publicise the efforts of our clients – the efforts that lead to the resolving of the issues faced by the customers. This is a great PR strategy.


  6. We Try To Come Up With One Liners

    This is a platform where people share each other’s tweets. In order to make a tweet worthy of being retweeted we come up with one liners – sometimes funny, sometimes smart. Tweets should have shock value.


  7. Polls Have High Engagement Rates. We Leverage It

    Posts have a high engagement rate. Until you choose an option you cannot see the trends of an active poll. This suspense urges the people to choose an option when they see an ongoing poll.

    Polls can be a great way to increase the brand awareness. Suppose, you have created a smartphone brand. You want people to know about it. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create a poll asking the people which smartphone brand they love the most. You can add the names of two reputed smartphone brands and then you add the name of your brand. While the Twitter users will obviously choose either of the two ruptured smartphone brands, they will notice the name of the third brand – your brand. This will introduce your brand to a lot of people.


  8. Leveraging Hashtags

    Hashtag is in the DNA of this social site. We add relevant and trending hashtags to the posts made for our clients. Hashtags help the tweets reach those who aren’t even the followers of the client. If you don’t use hashtags, your Twitter strategy can never be foolproof.


  9. Repurposing

    Most of our clients already have their brand websites. These websites have great Tweet-worthy content. We repurpose these content to create Twitter posts. But we have to make sure that these content are reshaped so that they are streamlined for Twitter. Repurposing saves a lot of time for content development.


  10. We Make Twitter Posts Relatable

    At the end of the day, it is the normal human beings like you and me who would read the tweets. Instead of making an over-the-top tweet that talks about big things, we create tweets that are relatable to the audience.

“If you are an Indian company, don’t use stock images that feature foreign models. The people can’t relate to them.”

All the above things are not written in stone. The beauty of social media marketing is that it is not stagnant. This is specially true for Twitter. At Dimensions we constantly update an upgrade ourselves to keep track of the algorithm changes.  Change is the only constant when it comes to Twitter Posts.