What Is a Classified Advertisement? And How To Write One?

You have a box whose width and height are 3 cm and 5 cm respectively. What can you write within this small space that can attract the attention of the readers? Welcome to the world of classified ads! At Dimensions Content Writing Services, Kolkata, we write attention inducing classified ads enabling your business to grab the eyeballs in a cost effective manner.

What Are Classified Ads Exactly?

Classified ads are typically those newspaper advertisements each confined in small boxes of a standard dimension (3*5 or similar). These advertisements are featured in a specific page of the newspaper and thel all crowd together vying for the reader’s attention.

An Example of Classified Ads

These days, you can see classified ads being posted in online platforms as well. However, both kinds of classified ads require you to use the same ad copywriting principles.

For a full fledged Google Ad, we have a separate guide.

Problems Faced By Businesses While Creating Classified Ads

Little Scope For Design

There is a very little scope for design in classified ads. They are mostly text-based. As a result, attracting the attention of the readers becomes extremely difficult.

Watch The Word Count

Classified ads have to be posted within a very small box having a height of 5 cm and a width of 3 cm (more or less). The ad copy needs to be precise and at the same time it should be able to attract the attention of the reader. Striking a balance between low word count and attention-worthy writing can be a little too challenging.

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How We At Dimensions Content Writing Services Help You Overcome These Challenges

Concise communication is the soul of writing a good classified ad. At Dimensions Content Writing Services, we have dedicated in-house copywriters who specialise in writing short ad copies. Our in-house copywriters enable Dimensions to provide you with no-fluff, concise and attractive classified ad copies. Here’s how we help you write killer ad copies:


  • Creating a Buyer Persona Works Here As Well

We often think that creating a buyer personal works only in the case of online content creation. However, it can be of immense help while writing a classified ad copy. What does your ideal customer look like? Where does he or she work? What is his financial condition? What are her likes and dislikes? The answer to these kinds of questions will create a buyer persona that matches your ideal customer. Once we have a clear idea of the buyer persona, we can write ad copies that will be extremely relevant to your potential customers. When it comes to ads, the more relevant an ad is, the more likely that it is going to be noticed by people.

  • Usage of Attention Grabbing Words: The Wow Factor

These days, people don’t read –  they skim through articles. This happens both online and offline. Our task, as a classified ad copywriting agency, is to grab the eyeballs of readers in such a way that they stop skimming to take note of the ad.

We use power words like ‘free’, ‘affordable’, ‘sale’, ‘time running out’ etc. These power words have the power to grab the attention of readers.

Look at this ad. (The ad was not created by us)

Source: Times of India

The ad opens with “Starts from 5 crores and above Business Loan”. Any reader who sees the ad and who is in need of a loan will obviously take note of the ad because there is a power word in it – “5 CRORES” Their subconscious will think like this – “Wow! They are giving a loan of 5 crores! That’s huge!” This wow factor is necessary.

  • The Promise To Solve Customer’s Problems

Now that we have the attention of the readers, our copywriters at Dimensions Content Writing Services focus on the challenges faced by your potential buyers.

Let’s go back to the picture of the ad example above. A lot of people in India fail to get a loan because they don’t have a Cibil Score – a credit score that Indian fintech industries rely on to verify a customer’s credit-worthiness. So, this ad clearly mentions that they don’t need the Cibil Score to approve the loan. The ad talks about the challenges of the potential buyers in clear, simple words. Along with that, the other challenges faced by people who apply for loans are slow processing and multiple days of evaluation. This ad addresses the two challenges as well.

In fact, it has a sub-heading that says – “Get Loan Within 7 Working Days”.

We at Dimensions write classified ads in such a way that there is a promise in those ads to solve specific problems of target customers.


  • Direct, To The Point, Precise

When it comes to writing classified ads, each square cm is valuable. You can’t waste a single square cm writing fluff. We at Dimensions Content Writing Services carefully choose each word while writing classified ad copies. Sometimes, we need to write classified ads just like people used to write telegrams using extremely brief sentences devoid of prepositions. This too is a work of art. You have to write in telegram language without disrupting the meaning implied by it.


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