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Whitepaper : Credibility Meets Authority

Research is one of the intrinsic aspects of content writing. Sometimes in some content, this research takes the most vital role. Whitepaper is one such form of content where thorough research and detailed explanation are the main factors. Content writers must keep in mind that whitepaper should not be used as a sales pitch. So what exactly is a whitepaper used for? Read on…

What Exactly Is A Whitepaper?

Hubspot has the best definition for whitepaper. A whitepaper is a thoroughly researched article. It aims to persuade the readers to take interest in a particular idea or piece of technology or any new paradigm. Hubspot also mentions that a whitepaper must present a problem and show how the thing that the author discusses in the paper can solve the problem.

From the above definition we can see the features that a whitepaper must have –

  • A whitepaper must be in-depth.
  • It must present a problem and show how to solve the problem with the thing that is discussed.
  • White paper should not ideally talk about a particular product – it should talk about the technology or methodology involved with the product.
  • So instead of making it a sales pitch, the content writing executives must make the paper informative.

Basically, there are two major aims of a whitepaper –  to make your brand and website authoritative and credible. And to capture leads.

How We At Dimensions Write A Whitepaper

Our article writers know that out of all forms of content, writing a whitepaper requires the most amount of research-time. So patience is the keyword here. We have to first organise the information. We have to be knowledgeable about the topic. Only then can we write a useful and thorough whitepaper.

  1. Formatting Matters

    As content writers, we are often told that we must use humour and an informal tone while writing blogs. The case is the complete opposite when it comes to writing a whitepaper. It must look professional. It should have a serious tone. Our online article writing professionals make sure that they give a proper structure to such papers. The content writers must employ the techniques that are used in academic essays. From table of contents to executive summary, from the main body to a coherent conclusion – everything must be there.

  2. Show The Problem

    When a company commissions to write a whitepaper, it means it has a product that it wants to sell. But, as we said, we can’t pitch for the product in such a paper. So what we do is, we focus on the problem that the product aims to address. For example, when we wrote a whitepaper for a company that makes cloud management software, we focused on the problem of the cloud computing being too hard to grasp.

  3. Talk About The Solution – Not The Product

    Our creative content writers talk about the solution that the product brings with it. So we talk about the methodology, the technology, the ideas at work behind the product. So when we wrote a whitetpaper for the company making the cloud management portal, we talked about the idea behind the cloud management portal as a whole. We didn’t talk about the specific portal. We showcased how any cloud management portal aims to solve the problems pertaining to cloud security, cost and compliance.

  4. Make It Detailed

    A whitepaper should have detailed information in it. It must contain all the information, analysis and research about the issue and the solution. So, a content writing professional must not finish the paper just after writing two pages. Hubspot says that such articles must be at least 6 pages long. We at Dimensions keep this in mind.

  5. Whitepapers Are Boring – Add Graphics To Make It Exciting

    Let’s face it. Whitepapers are lengthy pieces of articles. Not every person has the patience to read whitepapers at one go. It is the duty of a good content writer not to tire the reader with too dense write ups. Like an oasis in a desert helping the tired travellers, graphics will help the reader to maintain continuity and interest while reading whitepapers. Our online content writing experts marry dense data with easy to understand graphics.

Whitepaper is a great way to show that the company knows what it is doing. It is imperative that all the information presented there is free from any errors.

If you want your business to stand out as the most authoritative entity in the industry, do fill the contact form below. Dimensions can handle all your whitepaper writing needs.