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Facebook Post : Your Ticket To The Buyer’s Subconscious

Facebook is a great way for businesses to stay close to their customers 24/7. Interaction is the keyword when it comes to Facebook Post. You can talk to your customers and the buyers can reply to you. Thus you can get invaluable feedback from your clients. What’s more, you get the chance to pacify unsatisfied customers too. Above all, through regular posts you can make sure that you remain in the subconscious of your buyers.

Why Facebook Post Matters To Businesses : Some Stats

If you have a business, you cannot ignore Facebook when it comes to digital marketing. Why? 

  • According to Statista, a whopping 2.8 billion people use Facebook actively. So, imagine the marketing opportunity you’ll get!
  • People spend at least one and a half hours on Facebook. Every single day. That’s a lot of screen time.
  • Facebook rightly says – Always on, now, is akin to ‘always shopping.’ According to the official data, 20% of the US shoppers who made a purchase recently said that Facebook led them to purchase a new product or service online. This statistic is true in other countries as well.

However, the caveat is, your ads need to be creative enough. People primarily use Facebook for entertainment. So they won’t like boring ads. This is where Dimensions comes in.

How We Can Help You  Enhance Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook has become oversaturated. More and more businesses are now competing with each other to grab the attention of the potential buyers. So, in this scenario, reaching a decent number of people seems a Herculean task. However, with good, creative content – content that captures the pulse of the users – you can outshine your competitors.

Here are the strategies that content writers at Dimensions use –

  1. Leveraging Facebook Stories

    Every now and then, Facebook brings out new features. The earlier a business starts using these new products, the better first mover’s advantage will it get. Not all businesses have started using Facebook Stories yet. So, there is less crowd and less competition. This is a great chance to get more eyeballs.

    We at Dimensions make content that are suitable for Facebook Stories. Our content writing professionals use eye catching designs and attention-grabbing headlines that take less time to read but create a great impression among the audience.

  2. Keeping Track Of Trends

    Social media is all about trending topics. A brand that creates posts on trending topics will get more reach and engagement. It is a cat and mouse game. And you have to remain aware of the ever-changing trends. Our content writing professionals at Dimensions keep a tab of the trending topics and leverage them to create posts that get extraordinary reach.

  3. Keeping The Facebook Post Relatable

    Sometimes marketers try to create smart, over the top posts. But these posts are not simple enough to appear relatable to the viewers. People love those posts that they can relate to. Simplicity is the keyword. For example, look at this post by Netflix India –

    Facebook Post Netflix
           Keep The Facebook Post Simple

    There is no specialised message or smart video – just a simple post but extremely effective in getting engagement.

  4. Minding The Short Attention Span

    Ask yourself how many seconds do you spend on reading one post? Apart from the few special posts, people tend to spend only 1.7 seconds on reading a single post. So you have a miniscule amount of time to impress the viewers.

    Our web content writers specifically make sure that the Facebook posts they create are super short but super effective. Choosing the right image and creating the perfect one-liner are no child’s play. It takes lots of research and permutation and combination. Our content writers carefully examine what works and what doesn’t.

  5. Keeping The Facebook Post Interactive

    The key difference between Facebook posts and blog posts is that Facebook posts are two way – your business posts and the viewers reply. So it is necessary to create posts that engage with the audience. Ask them what they think, urge them to share their opinions. This is what we strive to do. We create Facebook posts that welcome the opinions of the viewers.

  6. Mind The Algorithm

    Have you noticed how if you engage with the posts of a particular Facebook page, you see its updates more often? So the more unique viewers engage with your posts, the more chance will your page have to reach those people. So it is necessary to post often so that more and more people engage with your page.

    We at Dimensions can create a content calendar for you, We can consistently provide content for your page so that there remains no gap in the updates from your page.

  7. Integrating Your Business Page With Group

    Facebook, now, allows pages to create associated Facebook Groups so that you can talk with the loyal followers of your page in a much more intimate way. This is a golden opportunity for businesses to engage with the people who have the higher chance of becoming your customers.

    At Dimensions we can create posts for your Facebook group, and manage the group as well. A well-moderated Facebook group can go a long way in providing an avenue to create an awesome relationship with the viewers.

Managing Your Business Page

At Dimensions we are aware that it takes a dedicated facebook page manager to efficiency manage a Facebook page for business. We have competent content writers who can manage your business page efficiently. It is necessary to reply to the comments and messages to show the people that your business cares. We can shoulder this responsibility so that you can focus on growing your business.

At Dimensions, we never forget that at the end of the day it is the human beings who read the Facebook posts. Behind all the likes, analytics and metrics – it is the humans that make the business grow. The Facebook posts that we create reflect this philosophy.