Translation Services

Translational Content Writing Services

Language often acts as a barrier in the country. According to research, over 50% of internet users speak a native language other than English. For better growth, companies need to stay connected to clients across the world who speak different native languages. We aim to use these native languages to further the growth of your company. Further globalization has had a major effect on the business landscape. There has been an increasing demand for multilingual websites with fresh content.

Types Of Translational Services

There are various types of translational services which cater to various fields of work. These are-

  • Legal Translation: Legal documents should be concise and clear. Legal translation ought to be done very carefully. Proper handling of sensitive information with accurate data is required. A legal translational writer should be seasoned enough to be accustomed to the relevant judiciary and legal terminologies. Confidentiality is needed to be maintained.
  • Website Translation: Website translation is associated with the service positioning of the website. Regionalism plays a very crucial role in expanding the customer base for a website. Infographics, graphics, audio and video clip along with the text has to be translated into the customer’s target language.
  • Marketing Translation: Marketing translational services are different from other forms of translation since the brands should not only overcome the language barrier but also a cultural barrier. Just word to word translation might not be sufficient to boost sales of the brand. The translated content should be relevant for the audience to show interest. Marketing collateral translation should be intended to build up a strong customer base.
  • Financial Translation: Financial translational services include translation of investment information, corporate policies, insurance claims, etc. Linguistic fluency in a native language is required for delivering the correct data to the audience. Bank statement and brochure translation is also included in financial translational services.
  • Audio Translation: Audio translation maybe a podcast transcript translation or even voice-over translation for subtitles. The audio translations need to be flawless with the correct message reaching the audience.
  • Business Translation: Business translations include translating financial statements, PR materials, annual reports, business videos, corporate communications, legal documents, etc. There are various documents and formats of translation. One translating business documents need to be well versed with business terminologies.

Why Should You Hire Dimensions For Translational Content Writing Services?

At Dimensions, we offer translational services which include translating English to other native languages and vice-versa. Our translational service is quality-oriented. It is extremely important for a brand to reach out to its customers in their native language. We understand the importance of colloquial languages and their impact on people. Here are a few reasons so as to why you should hire Dimensions for translational services-

  • Our team at Dimensions consists of experienced language professionals who are well-versed with the translation of languages.
  • We ensure that your content is translated in a secure manner.
  • We strictly stick to deadlines and make sure that we deliver quality content within the time limit.
  • We also provide translational services for multimedia content like YouTube scripts, infographics, graphics, etc.
  • We offer competitive pricing for translational services.
  • We translate into several languages. You will be choosing both the target and source language and we will provide the best possible translational service.
  • We believe in quality over quantity. We focus on every project and give our best to create the best quality content possible. We don’t just focus on grabbing a huge number of projects but instead, we like to give our 100% on each small or big project we get.
  • Our content translational experts have detailed knowledge about domains like marketing, finance, Ed-Tech, etc. This makes work precise and authentic.
  • We translate website content, legal documents, newsletters, brochures, forms, banner ads, etc.

We at Dimensions, ensure that our clients receive extremely well-crafted translated articles which will grab the attention of readers. We aim to help your company achieve a global base and overcome language barriers. We envisage minute details to avoid any discrepancy. We make sure that we leverage the support in a unique manner. We have the best-trained writers to translate the deliverables.