Content Writing Services

There are two things that we aim for when we take up any content writing work- a lingering existence in the subconscious of the visitors and a high rank on the search engine. We strike a perfect balance between SEO best practices and emotion to achieve both. We match our content with your buyer persona and present an idea in a way that is searchable, enjoyable, useable and shareable- all at the same time. It’s only well-researched relevant content and zero fluff that you get from us that easily gets syndicated when Google analyses each page on your website to find the proverbial “needle in the haystack.”

It’s not what you write, but
how you write that matters.

Content writing is not just posting words on the website or social media. Content writing carves an IDEA with words. The Idea that makes people take interest in your brand. The Idea that tickles the buying ‘muscle’ of your potential buyers. 

We, at Dimensions, always try to display the human side of the business for our clients. That is the reason why time and again we talk about Simon Sinek’s The Golden Circle paradigm – “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” So, we use emotions first and then apply reasons and logic to it to come to a conclusion. Having said that, each content type has a different tone. It varies with the niche, audience, the platform of publication, and the marketing objective behind it. Our writers take all these aspects into consideration and capture the tone that best suits the content type.

Industries We've Written For:

Travel & Hospitality

Picture this, you are sitting on a sun-kissed beach enjoying the pleasant breeze touching your face. The reflection of the yellow setting sun on the ocean is making you philosophical. Just then, the hotel serves you with a strawberry soda mocktail. Did your mood change just by reading it? Yes that’s what a travel blog should be able to do. At Dimensions, our travel and hospitality blogs can gently ignite the wander-lust in your target audience.

Real Estate & Allied Industries

A person looking for a new house or land has big dreams about what his ideal home or office should be. It is the duty of the content writer writing related content that she acknowledges this dream and writes accordingly. At Dimensions, we do just that.

Interior Designing

Just like people like to dress in good clothes and have neat hair, they like to decorate their house too. The home is an extension of a person’s personality. The Dimensions team respects that.

Ayurveda & Healthcare

Dimensions also has experience in writing on Ayurveda and healthcare. The alarmingly increasing levels of pollution and pandemics prove that we are heading towards a time when all that would be important to us is good health and sustainability. At Dimensions, we are already writing content for client companies who envision this future.

Fashion & Beauty

The idea of adorning the body to look more beautiful has been there since ancient days. The Dimensions team knows how to leverage people’s tendency to look beautiful and wearing attractive clothes so that your potential buyers buy your labels.


Reading about Bollywood and Hollywood gossip, sports celebs or city events have always fascinated a portion of the readers. Dimensions can write Page 3 type content that can give traffic to your website or subtly call your buyers to take action.


It is a blessing to become a Mother or a Father. There are various aspects involved in rearing a child. At Dimensions, we write content that is helpful to these Moms and Dads and at the same time it helps your business too.

Consumer Durables

People buy consumer durables like television, refrigerator or washing machine with the hope that these will help them for a long time. At Dimensions, we help people to form an informed decision about these products and subtly move them towards the end of the purchase funnel.

Chemicals & Fertilizers

Writing about chemicals and fertilizers should not include too much usage of ornamented language. Dimensions knows how to write about these products in a pleasurable-to-read way.

Solar Power

As the emphasis on renewable energy is getting stronger, there will be demand in products that use Solar Power. Dimensions can leverage this increased demand to help your business.

Steel & Non-ferrous Metals

Articles on steel and non-ferrous metals are basically targeted towards industry experts and decision makers. They prefer no-nonsense information rich articles on these topics. Dimensions has experience in writing about these topics just the way the corporate people want.

Recycling (Machinery)

Dimensions has also experience in writing about waste management and recycling machinery. And no, we do not believe that we should write about these topics in a boring way.

Online Education

With the internet price hitting the rock bottom, there is a great demand for online learning. Dimensions has experience in writing for these edu-tech companies keeping in mind that the ultimate buyers are the students and their parents.

Software Technology & Digital Transformation

DevOps and Kubernetes are the hot topics in the digital sphere these days. Dimensions can write about your company’s journey from silo to agile.

Staffing & Recruitment

Attracting proper candidates for a job requires a clear job description and transparent statement of terms. Dimensions can help you in this regard. At the same time, Dimensions has experience in writing about Strategic Human Resource Management too.

You Don't See Your Industry In The List?

We'll write a 500-word piece exclusively for you.

You Don't See Your Industry In The List?

We'll write a 500-word piece exclusively for you.